Reconciling Committee

“Reconciling” is the unique language of the United Methodist Church for the movement to fully include LGBTQ persons into the life of the United Methodist Church. BVUMC became a Reconciling Congregation in 2006 to acknowledge the history of exclusion of LGBTQ persons by the Christian faith. The BVUMC Reconciling Committee meets monthly to plan and organize educational programs and advocacy activities to help make our church a truly welcoming and open congregation. 

This video documents the history of the Reconciling Ministry at Buena Vista, including the educational series and discernment process of the congregation. Interviews were conducted for 3 months prior to the showing at Buena Vista’s Annual “Coming Out Sunday” Worship in 2014. Interviewees include: Pastor Michael Yoshii, Jill Shiraki, Lynda Fong, Sally McIntyre, Lois Mark, Lauren Quock, Kira Salde-Azzam, and Nikki Salde-Azzam.