Buena Vista Community Institute

Buena Vista Community Institute (BVCI) supports the church’s community organizing and community development ministries through fund development and fundraising efforts. BVCI is part of a national network of the Community Developer Program (CDP) within the United Methodist Church. The CDP supports congregation-based community organizing efforts through training, technical assistance, and funding support. The Human Relations Day offering taken annually in the United Methodist Church on the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., supports the CDP, which in turn provides seed grants for new local church organizing efforts.


The BVCI Fund was established to provide long-term financial support for BVCI programs and staff. While we currently operate through the support of outside grants, the BVCI Fund is building long-term community support through donors like you who believe in the work we are doing.

BVCI Committee

Chair: Lynette Lee
Treasurer: Lucas Dang
Pastor & Staff Supervisor: Rev. Myrna Bernadel-Huey
Staff: Austin Tam, Community Outreach Coordinator
Coke Tani, Spiritual Nurture Coordinator
Junell Ancheta
Jill Shiraki
Gala King
Jean Fong
Judy Tam