Friends of Wadi Foquin

BVUMC’s relationship with the Palestinian village of Wadi Foquin began in August 2009 with church members providing economic support for a bee hive project to help offset the economic challenges of daily life under military occupation. Support for other community development projects followed, including a women’s basket-weaving business initiative, youth development programs, creation of a community center, construction of a soccer field, and construction of a guesthouse (now in the planning stages).

As the church partnership with Wadi Foquin matured, it grew to include other UMC churches and community members and a focus on advocacy as well as education and fundraising. Since 2103 FOWF has organized four congressional briefings about Wadi Foquin to raise public awareness about the human rights violations taking place in the village. It also leads annual pilgrimages to the Holy Land to provide people with an opportunity to encounter the living spirit of Christ in the biblical lands as they intersect with the contemporary justice issues of the Palestinian people.

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